Saturday, 14 September 2013

Summer, Medieval Tuscany and Rural Midlands

Summer was a string of lazy afternoons.  Some of it spent relaxing in beautiful Buggiano Castello in Tuscany, Italy.  I love Italy and it was good to go back there after what seemed like way too long.  The sun was hot in London but was even hotter in Italy but there's nothing like a siesta under a cool ceiling fan on a scorching hot afternoon.  I had plenty of those!

View from the medieval village walls of Buggiano Castello

Next month I'm back on the rural touring road in the Midlands.

23 Oct - The Leeke Memorial Hall, Kirk Langley, Derbyshire DE6 4NJ
24 Oct - The Fold Café, Bransford, Worcester, WR6 5JB
26 Oct - Bramshall Parish Hall, Uttoxeter ST14 5BQ
27 Oct - Yoxall Parish Hall, East Staffs DE13 8NE

Yoxall Parish Hall today...

... and being opened by opened by Lady Burton in 1905
I find it interesting that, in over one hundred years, mens' suits haven't really changed all that much compared to ladies' fashions . 

The weather has suddenly turned awful this week.  We went straight from summer to winter.  What happened to the balmy autumn days?  I hope the sun makes a reappearance in time for my village ventures in October. 

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