Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Glam Goes Rustic (The Sequel) - Etton, Bridlington & Swanland

I've just returned from a lovely 3 days in East Yorkshire where I took my "Celebrating the Divas of Jazz" show to village halls in Etton, Bridlington & Swanland.

The journey up the M1 was quite eventful for Kate and me because although we left in plenty of time and even stopped on the way for a bit of lunch, it became clear after our break that there was a problem on the motorway.  An accident caused us to be stuck in traffic and what should have been a 3 and a half hour journey actually took a whopping 7 hours!  We arrived with just 10mins to spare.  I quickly donned my glad rags at our excellent B&B (Hunter's Hall in Beverley) and we were on our way.

We were met with such a lovely audience and hosts at Etton Village Hall that I forgot all about the nightmare journey.  Tickets were sold out and we had a rapturous response from the audience.

Our gig at the Spotlight Theatre in Bridlington also went very well.  We had a lively audience in and one gentleman gave us all lots of laughs when I asked those who could remember to tell me about the clothing of the 1950s to set the mood for the song I was about to perform.  The man who said he was of 1920s vintage took great delight in telling me that ladies used to wear bloomers and the lady next to him reminded him that they used to be called PK's - aka Passion Killers!

Swanland Village Hall was situated in one of the most idyllic settings I've seen  and I couldn't resist taking some photos (below).  Once again there was a full house and a lively audience where the show was extremely well received. 

I love performing in village halls and hope I get to chance to do more.  Here's to Glam Goes Rustic - Part 3!

View across the pond in Swanland
The last swans died and the villagers were told they were not permitted to replace them.

Swanland Village Hall

Another gorgeous view

Finally managed to capture a view of the fountain

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Glam Goes Rustic (The Sequel), Snake Accessories & Meeting Bill Bailey

So looking forward to heading up to East Riding of Yorkshire for my second rural mini-tour on Friday.  Kate and I will be "Celebrating the Divas of Jazz" on:

Fri 23-Mar 7.30 Village Hall  Etton  HU17 7PQ
Sat 24-Mar 7.30 Spotlight Theatre  Bridlington  YO15 3DS
Sun 25-Mar 7.30 Village Hall  Swanland   HU14 3QR

On Saturday I had a lovely chat with Tony Barker from Vixen 101 radio to promote the tour.

Just heard today that the first show is already sold out -  woo hoo!

Looking forward to getting out into the countryside again and will be packing my walking shoes.  Took a bit of an unexpected walk on the wild side last weekend when I peformed at an event hosted by Bill Bailey (acclaimed comedian and musician).  There was another entertainer present whose act included several wild animals including a beautiful snake that I just had to try on!

Mr with my gorgeous (live) snake scarf

Bill Bailey was a wonderful host and is a very lovely man. (He also said very nice things about my singing.)  Here we are together.

Me with Bill Bailey

So all I need now is for the sun to shine on Yorkshire this weekend and I will be a very happy bunny indeed! :-)