Saturday, 1 June 2013

Making Music in Minsk (and Accidental Shopping!)

I've just returned from a lovely week in Minsk where I performed three "Divas of Jazz" concerts with a fabulous local band to very warm and appreciative audiences.   The weather was mostly very kind; apart from a few exciting thunderstorms it was very warm and sunny.  Also met some wonderful people.  Hope to go back soon!

The Venues

Palace of the Republic

Palace of the Trade Unions - a stunning building!
Poster at the entrance of the club

The Band

With Andrei (sax), Dimitri (piano) and Alexei (bass)

With Katerina (tour manager) and Alexei (drums)

Going Home

I flew out on a regular plane that you'd expect to see on a short haul flight -3 seats across on both sides.  I was very happy when I saw there were only a few people booked onto the return flight and had visions of stretching out across the seats for the 3-hour flight...  Imagine my surprise when the transit bus pulled up to this "mini" aeroplane.  It barely seated 50 people!  Definitely the smallest plane I've ever flown on and there were some dicey moments of turbulence when I wondered if we would make it!

Private plane?

And Accidental Shopping...

I was very good throughout my stay and didn't go out to any shops but... as luck would have it :-)  and amazing designer (Valentina Filimonova) came to my final concert and brought one of her creations.  I bought it on the spot and absolutely love it!  It's multi-coloured gold (so very glam!) made from very good quality leather.  And it's reversible with changeable coloured handles and pockets!

I love the fact that I didn't even need to go to the shops.  Shopping came to me! :-)

This photo doesn't really do it justice.  It's beautiful!


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