Friday, 1 November 2013

Rural Touring, Mediterranean Chicken Stew and Fantastic Fudge

I've just returned from the latest rural adventure and am thinking how fortunate I am to be able to visit such beautiful parts of the country - doing the thing I love!

All of the gigs were well attended and we had a great time. Should be back on the rural road again in the spring - can't wait!

Kirk Langley Village Hall
We had a sold out audience on our first night with a waiting list for returns!  A great audience too with two encores.  And before the show we were invited to a lovely dinner at promoter's home.  Beautiful scenery, interesting venues and a warm welcome from both the promoter and the audiences are just some of the things that make rural touring so special.

Bramshall church
The promoter of the gig in Bramshall was also the vicar of the beautiful church above.  Again a good audience and we were told that he had the best turnout ever over the five years they have been running.  A very appreciative audience once again.  And to top it all, the vicar's wife made us a Mediterranean chicken stew as they'd seen on my website how much I love Italy.  It was delicious!

The Fold in Bransford
The Fold in Bransford, Worcestershire is a very special and inspirational place.  It was set up to encourage sustainable living and is home to designers, artists, complementary therapists and several little shops that sell everything from organic wine to leather goods.  I bought some lovely pear and ginger jam here.  Also some of the most amazing fudge I've ever tasted.  Can you tell I love food? :-)  The venue itself was also wonderful with great acoustics and it was a lovely gig.
Padded applique wall hanging in Yoxall Parish Hall
We spent out final day in Yoxall which was very beautiful and winner of Best Kept Village 2013.  Sadly as it was a Sunday and raining there wasn't much to see/do.  Another great gig though.  Extremely well organised by a promoter who was a retired salesman and who did a great job with promoting my CDs!  We drove straight home to avoid the storms.  Just made it. 

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