Sunday, 1 May 2011

Kuala Lumpur - My first trip to the Far East

Had a great time in KL.  Wonderful people, a great local band, beautiful hot weather and excellent food.  Who could ask for anything more?!

Alexis Bar
Bit of a shock to see all the posters of my face everywhere!
Mmm...  I sampled many of their famous puddings - all scrumptious!
The Twin Petronas Towers - one of the main landmarks in KL - photo taken from the back of a taxi on my way to Chinatown

Chinatown!  My first shopping trip

Just loved the atmosphere here - mostly fake goods but lots of fun haggling with stall holders
Gabe the pianist from the band and his friends introduced me to this kitsch Indian restaurant where all the food was served on banana leaves!
Central Market - another shopping trip!
I love markets - especially the beautiful colours

Couldn't be persuaded to let tiny fish give me a pedicure by eating the dead skin off my feet...
... but was tempted by these clogs.  They're handpainted and were made specially to fit me by the shoemaker while I waited!
And I felt very pleased with myself for taking the local bus back - it was a feast for the senses with the smells, loud music, chatter, bumpy eratic driving and conducter shouting out to the people on the pavements!
The equivalent of the cards we sometimes see in telephone boxes in London - a message with a name and phone number.  Interesting that they only charged RM15 (the equivalent of £3)!!!
One of the many monkeys that live in the grounds of a friend's house where I was invited to dinner.  So cute!

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