Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Getting It In Writing

I received my official offer letter today from Jazz Services so my next task is to confirm all the dates that were pencilled.  And most importantly, I need to get everything confirmed  in writing by the venue or promoter. 

More than once I've come to that moment at the end of the gig when you're uncomfortably waiting around to get paid and there's been a "misunderstanding" about the fee.  Sometimes it's a difference of opinion about how much was to paid or it could be how and when it is paid and sometimes even by whom!  To prevent any such misunderstandings it's always better to get things in writing, preferably a Musicians' Union contract but at least an email.

So, next on my list is getting contracts sorted - sending my version if the venues/promoters don't do their own.  And for the arts centres/theatres on my list it's also the time to start submitting copy and photos for their brochures.  Because they work so far ahead and tend to print booklets for seasons, the copy deadlines can be very early. 

By the end of this week I'll aim to get the basic blurb for the show completed and choose which photos I'm going to send.  Photos need to be high res versions (300dpi minimum) and it helps to have a couple of choices as in portrait or landscape so that it can fit in with the venue's brochure style.

Okay - enough of this seriousness...  On a completely random and frivolous note - here's a pic of my new Lulu Guinness handbag.  I LOVE it! xx

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