Monday, 11 January 2016

One Step At A Time... Happy New Year!

Potemkin Steps - Odessa's most famous landmark.  The graffiti  in Russian lists the names of the months.
January (января) is bottom left.

Happy New Year!  Hope that 2016 is treating you very well so far...

At midnight on 31 December 2015 I celebrated the new year in the wonderful city of Odessa.   I was invited to perform at one of the most amazing hotels I've ever seen.  I was also lucky enough to stay there!  From the unique, quirky decor to the magnificent views, to the exceptional food, staying at the M1 Club Hotel was a truly wonderful experience.  I wanted to move in permanently!

I met some wonderful people including my host Alex and worked with some great musicians.  The weather was sunny although extremely cold and it snowed as if on cue just before midnight which was very apt as this was the beginning of their Christmas season with their actual Christmas Day being on 6 January as per the orthodox calendar.

I also visited the famous Potemkin Steps and saw the graffiti which led me to thinking about new year's resolutions.  So many times I've made grand resolutions only to fall at the first hurdle (normally broken by January!).  More recently I gave up resolutions altogether and just decided to make the most of any opportunities that came my way.  This year I've decided to find a compromise.  I won't make grand resolutions.  Instead I'll take small steps, every day, towards my life goals.  There'll be no real deadlines or quotas, just constant striving for improvement.  Why not join me?  Hopefully this time they will stick and if not, I will still have done something and every little bit counts!

Standing at the top of the Potemkin Steps with the view of Port of Odessa

With my wonderful host Alex just after arriving in Odessa.  At this point I had been awake for almost 40 hours!

My hotel room balcony. It was such a joy to wake up to the beautiful sea view.

At midnight there were spectacular fireworks...

... and then I performed with the band at 2am (midnight in the UK!)

Performing at the P1 Prosecco Bar

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