Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Parliamentary Partying and Wonderful Worcestershire

The talented Norma Winstone and Laura Jurd

The Parliamentary Jazz Awards

It was fun attending the Parliamentary Jazz Awards at the Houses of Parliament earlier this month. Didn't enjoy the long queue to get in - it's just like going through airport security! - but seeing lots of my friends and colleagues and chatting over a glass of wine and some canapes in the company of Jamie Cullum, Moira Stewart and Dame Cleo Laine more than made up for it

Above is a photo I took of Norma Winstone (Wnner - Vocalist of the Year) and Laura Jurd (Winner - Instrumentalist of the Year) - two very talented women indeed! 

Spellbound Stories Album

My Pledge Music page is now up and running!  You can pre-order the album here. Be one of the first to get your hands on the highly anticipated album and get access to exclusive updates too.

Celebrating the Divas of Jazz in Worcester and Clows Top

Another lovely couple of gigs in new places for me.  Worcester was a little different as it's not exactly rural but the venue certainly was spectacular.  Our stage for the evening was set at the front of the most beautiful church.  The acoustics were amazing and as always seems to be the case at these rural touring gigs, we received a very warm and appreciative response from the lovely audience. 

Our stage at St Barnabas Church, Worcester

Intriguing item found in church vestry (we decided they were vintage ink wells)

Clows Top was a true rural location.   We had tea and cake (gluten-free for me!) at a charming farm shop before the performance and were once again welcomed by the friendly and enthusiastic audience.  I love rural touring! 

Clows Top Victory Hall

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