Thursday, 17 April 2014

Beautiful Butterflies and Derbyshire Oatcakes

Last weekend I visited the "Sensational Butterflies" exhibition at the National History Museum.  Like many people I'm fascinated by butterflies.  I love the idea of the growth cycle from hungry caterpillar to hibernating chrysalis to beautiful butterfly - a spectacular metamorphosis!  The artistic process for me is similar.  I spend a lot of time at the beginning of a new project devouring all sorts of things including books, films, travel experiences, people watching etc - then comes the hibernation phase with a lot of work taking place behind the scenes - leading to the final reveal in a performance of my new creation.  For "Spellbound Stories" the chrysalis/hibernation phase took much longer than I would have liked.  But everything happens in its own time...

The amazing transformation in action!

This one was a poser and waited patiently while we too pics
Loving the zebra stripes - animal print never goes out of style!

The weekend before last was all about rural touring.  A full house greeted David and me at Calver Village Hall - over 100 people (which is more than fits into most village halls) welcomed us warmly and sent us on our way with two encores!   

Calver Village Hall

Unfortunately, some annoying rain the next day put a stop to my shopping plans in the market town of Chesterfield.  However, I made a new discovery - Derbyshire Oatcakes!  Sort of a Derbyshire version of the French crepe but even more fattening.  The topping of sausage and cheese that smothered the dish was so abundant I could almost feel my arteries hardening just from looking at it.  I have to admit that it was was very delicious although I wasn't able to eat very much of it. 

Derbyshire oatcake with sausage and cheese

We were treated to more delicious food before our show in Stanton.  It was a smaller hall and a much smaller audience but what they lacked in quantity they more than made up for in quality.  A lovely response for what was their last Live & Local event as the promoter was moving to another part of the county.  And what was more - we were even allowed to take a doggy bag containing the delicious apple cake baked by the promoter Tim with us when we left - fortification for the long drive home.

Gilbert Sheldon Hall, Stanton

Delicious apple cake baked by Stanton promoter Tim


  1. Your tours are as much gastronomic as musical! :-)

  2. So true! The promoters look after us very well. :-)


Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate the feedback. :-)