Monday, 18 March 2013

Photos, Touring and Shopping in Boston

A few weeks ago I braved the freezing cold and snow to get some new photos taken by the wonderful Annabelle Narey of Bellephoto.

Am really pleased with the results and look forward to using them on my new website and album - hopefully both will be finished this year. 

I call this one "Golden Hair".  I draped a sequinned scarf that I bought years
ago in a sale for 99p over my head.   Love the effect.

This little robin took a liking to us and kept follwing us around the park. 
Even when we walked 5 mins away, there he was trying to get into the photo. 
And yes, I'm sure it was the same one! :-p

And I started my latest rural tour this weekend.  Kate Williams and I performed in Upper Broughton, Notts and Frampton, Lincs and had a wonderful time.  Shame the weather didn't cooperate.  There was  torrential rain and hail but thankfully there were also bursts of sunshine and a beautiful rainbow.  I love rainbows!
And in the daytime in between gigs... we shopped in Boston!  Yes, I'm sure you were thinking the title referred to Boston in the USA but I'm talking about Boston in Lincolnshire.   We roamed the charity shops and bought lots of bargains.  I love shopping! 

St Botolphs Church in Boston (aka the Boston Stump) as seen from the bridge...
just around the corner from all the shops!

Looking forward to next weekend when we'll be performing in Waltham on the Wolds, Radcliffe on Trent and Allington. 

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