Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Out with the Old - In with the New!

Happy New Year!

2011 was quite a busy year for me.  Highlights included:
  • My first UK tour (from Cornwall to Northumberland) with new Celebrating the Divas project with my band in February was a great success with several sold-out dates and quite a few radio and newspaper interviews
  • In March I performed at a charity event attended by Prince Charles
  • In March I also gave a speech (sharing the stage with MPs and the actress Maggie Steed!) for the Lost Arts initiative - extremely scary but a very worthwhile event
  • Four sell-out dates in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia were the highlights in April
  • Two licensing deals for music from my album Licorice Kiss - the first for Spain/Portugal and the second for Singapore/China
  • Four festival appearances for a Greek Islands tour with Dimitri Vassilakis Qt in July and August made for a blissfully sunny and beautiful summer
  • Five wonderful gigs with Kate Williams at village halls in the rural north of the UK also saw some beautiful hot weather at the end of September
  • My debut performance at an historic venue in Moscow in October
  • Two gigs at the London Jazz Festival with a new European Journey project with Jonny Phillips
  • My debut performance in Hong Kong and a return to Moscow in November
  • Finally December saw me return to Greece with two gigs in Athens over Christmas where I also managed to finish 8 new songs!
Plans for 2012 include:
  • A return to Russia for 3 performances in February
  • Another rural tour with pianist Kate Williams in March
  • A new duo project with pianist Kit Downes
  • Recording one (or maybe even two!) albums

Phew!  After all that I think I deserve a quiet, relaxed January... and that's exactly what I have planned.

Here's hoping 2012 brings us all lots of love, luck, laughter and lolly!

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