Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Greece is the Word!

I'm going back to Greece tomorrow!  Tinos is one of the Greek Islands and home to the Tinos Jazz Festival.  I'll be performing once again with the wonderful Dimitri Vassilakis Quartet as part of the festival's "Ladies of Jazz" programme.

Apart from the music, I'm especially looking forward to the sun as although we've had a few bits of sunshine recently, today it is pouring with rain in London and the Met Office have even issued flood warnings! This is what we laughingly call the British Summer...

My camera is coming with me as usual so I'll be posting pics here when I get back.

Sun, sea and swinging jazz - here I come!

UPDATE - September

Photos as promised...

On the ferry from Athens to Tinos Island
Tinos Beach Hotel

A walk along the beach before the gig

The venue

Yes - yet another sunset... but I just love sunsets and on the Greek Islands they are particularly spectacular!

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